My personal reminder…Get the print.

Yesterday, I drove my 17 year old to Austin to attend a week-long workshop. He’s a musician. He’s home schooled. Sometimes, getting the right “instruction” comes at a price and a lot of work to find it. He’s a drummer. A jazz drummer. To attend the music schools he wants to be a part of, he must play the marimba, also. Therefore; he’s attending an intensive marimba workshop this week.

As I drove the 3 1/2 hours to Austin with him, laughing, listening to HIS music, basking in every single moment with him…I realized, it’s my last time to drive him to “camp”. He’s gone to a camp every summer since he was in fifth grade. Aside from vacations and road trips, this is my last time to drive him to do his “own thing” besides when we drive him to university. I knew it. I realized it. I loved every moment of that drive with him.

My personal reminder came when he said “no” to any mom and baby boy selfies. No photos in front of the music school at the University of Texas. No pics in his room. None with his roommate. I realized…so many times, we take the photos, we put them on facebook, we share them right then, and that’s it. There’s no photo album to look through and many times they never make it to a frame or on a wall. So many moments, lost to the internet. Not a good thing. Not at all. We need to hang these photos. We need to HAVE photos taken. Make it happen, even when they roll their eyes and don’t WANT to have them done. I’m lucky. I have so many photos that I’ve taken. I’ve printed. I’ve hung. My kids have modeled for me for the better part of their lives. I have two “big” kids, I have a teen and I have two grand babies. I had two foster babies here for a year. They’re ALL on my walls. I’m at every game preserving all those moments for me, my husband, my mom, my daughter, my sons. I have two musician sons. I am taking photos of shows, concerts, games, portraits…you name it.

So thinking personally…and professionally…it makes me wonder why I have so many clients that want digital copies. They don’t want a print, they want a CD. You DON’T WANT THIS! Get prints. Don’t put a CD on your shelf that will lose those memories in a few short years. These years are fleeting. Everything changes. That little league kid will grow and change and morph into an adult before you know it. Get the prints. Hang them. Look at them and SMILE every time you pass them. At first, it will be because you did it….then one day you’ll look and say “OMG! Look how little they were! Look how young WE were!” Time. Frozen. I will be using this knowledge…of a mom with adult kids. A mom with a teen kid. A grandmother of preschool kids. A foster mom of babies. I’m steering clear of the CD images. I’m pushing the prints. Moments frozen in time should be cherished, not lost on the internet after 40 likes… One of my fleeting moments of my teen is this photo I took of him when he got dreads. I thought they were the coolest. They’re gone now…I miss my dread head little guy…He’s more of a man now at 17 and cut the hair off…Get the print.

My teen. During his dreadlock phase...

My teen. During his dreadlock phase…

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