Hello, World!

So…I hear…that I need a blog. I need to keep everyone “updated” through writings. I’m not a writer. I’m a photographer. I don’t even keep a journal. I barely write letters. I only check email because I have to do so. I’m great at facebook because a sentence is all I need. I can read what OTHER people write. I look at other people’s art. I read news and opinions and stay inspired through the diversity on that little page. Here? Looks like the river of inspiration will flow the other direction. I will simply “output” here and see if anyone watches?

I created this site a week ago. It took me a week to figure out what to say or to show. I know my goals. I know what I’m good at, what I need to work on, what I aspire to achieve. I don’t really share it. My final decision on this blog is to document my journey from ignorance to greatness. It will happen. I’m lucky enough to be able to start writing about it now. Far enough into the journey that I know more details on the whole career that I’m planning…but not so far that I’m stuck in a rut.

I will start this with how photography started for ME. I wasn’t raised with artsy parents. I wasn’t raised around art, painting, photography, none of it. I was raised in Lubbock, TX. Music? yes. Art? no.

Fast forward to being 21. I had a baby. My father passed away. My father was an interesting character and his dying meant that getting the Nikon F2 SLR camera that he’d hocked at a pawn shop was my new inheritance. I got that camera and 11 cents. Yep. I didn’t know the first thing about the settings on that camera. I took photos of my baby CONSTANTLY and for whatever reason…they turned out great.

Fast forward again. about a decade later, I have another child. This one is a sporty boy. This football/baseball stuff is scary for a hippie mama. I discover that taking photos of it puts me just enough out of that world that it isn’t so scary. I stand on the sidelines. I shoot the baseball games and football games and become a standard fixture on the fields. People loved my photos. Parents would BUY them. I started getting HIRED to take prom photos, portraits, team photos, etc. I realized that this was my bliss. I was GOOD at it. I kind of EXCELLED at it. I decided to get a DEGREE in commercial photography…I mean, why not? I was a home school mom who had this GIFT! I should get educated, because I was so GOOD!!!!

I enrolled in my first photography class. This is when all of my naive confidence came crashing. I wasn’t good. I was DAMNED LUCKY. I was shooting sports. During the day. With a great lens. Standing on the sidelines. I had good timing, yes…but never once had I taken the camera off AUTO. Yep. Where I believed that I was amazing? haha not so much.

Fast forward another decade or so. I’m still home schooling. My son is about to be a senior in high school. I’ve been in photography classes since the last paragraph. I’ve taken film, portraiture, management, color theory, lighting, alternative process. I now own TWO Nikon film cameras, three Holgas, two Nikon dSLRs, I’ve taught photography to the homeschooled teens we know. We made pinhole cameras, we’ve developed paper, we’ve done gum prints, cyanotypes, hand colored with marshall oils….done it all.

Now you’re basically caught up. I’ve learned and workshopped and shot and shot some more and now? I want to be GREAT. I’m in the process of getting my CPP now, which is a certified professional photographer. It’s tough and rigorous. I’ve passed the exam and am on to the image submission part. I’m looking to have my own studio. I want to own my own. I’m there. So this is where we will begin. Each week….on my road to greatness. I can’t say success because, to me, I’m already successful. The road and the fact that I’m on it is success. I’m not the auto mom shooter I was, so I’m successful. I stuck it out, I learned, I humbled up and grew. I’m proud of that. I’m happy where I am. I’m ECSTATIC about where I’m going. So welcome to my world… it’s nice to have ya here!